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Making Resolutions You Can Keep with PFLAG!

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Dear PFLAG Family and Friends,

The first PFLAG Update of each year seems to follow a similar theme: write about New Year’s resolutions. It makes sense. Most of us are committing to shedding those final pounds, promising to spend more time at home and less in the office, or planning to make that dream vacation that they’ve been thinking about for years into a reality.

All of our resolutions are declared with the utmost zeal… for the first week or so (among the lucky and tough) and for the first day or so (among the rest of us). While the intention is there, sometimes making the goal a reality is easier said than done. The steps necessary to actually follow through on our New Year’s resolutions aren’t always clear, and that lack of clarity too often is the start of our undoing.


So today, I’d like to offer you a chance to make three post-New Year’s resolutions – and I’m even willing to give you the steps you need to make these commitments a reality in 2010. If you’re ready to take on one more resolution for 2010, read on…and if you’re feeling like one of your resolutions has already gotten the better of you, here’s your chance at instant redemption.


Resolution One: Commit to taking action on the legislative issues that matter to our families.


Getting this done is easier than you think. If you haven’t signed up for PFLAG’s Action Alerts, do it right now. It takes less than two minutes of your day. In return, you’ll get personalized alerts that let you know when critical legislation requires your voice. When it is time to take action, our system will lead you through a few simple steps to contact your elected officials and make your unique PFLAG voice heard. We promise that taking action to move equality forward can happen in less than five minutes – fulfilling this resolution couldn’t be easier.

Resolution Two: Commit to spending 10 minutes each week doing some PFLAG reading.


PFLAG National has made getting news about LGBT people and the issues they face easier than ever. In less than 10 minutes a week, you can be in the know when it comes to all of your LGBT news by visiting some of the great resources that we offer online. Check out the PFLAG Blog, our Facebook page, the PFLAG website, and our Straight for Equality website.


Want the news to come to you? If you haven’t already done it, create a login at the PFLAG website (just go to www.pflag.org and click on Login to get started) and subscribe to our newsletters. Getting informed is now as easy as opening your e-mail.


Go to these pages to get started on keeping this resolution:

Resolution Three: Commit to supporting PFLAG’s work to move equality forward.


The work that PFLAG does in our communities, our workplaces, and on Capitol Hill can’t be done without your financial support. Whether it is our Safe Schools for All efforts, PFLAG’s annual Bringing the Message Home program and trainings, Straight for Equality workshops nationwide, or the training and support that we provide to our chapters in all 50 states, our work depends on your generosity. This year, commit to supporting PFLAG throughout the year through our Guardian Program.


This program allows you to make a monthly contribution to support PFLAG’s work from coast to coast. It’s how I contribute monthly to PFLAG and how many of our staff, Board and Regional Directors do as well. Think about it: committing to contribute just $45 each month (that’s about $1.50 a day – probably less than you spend on coffee in the morning) you can ensure that we have the means to bring crucial training and resources to communities large and small across the country.


Keeping this resolution will take about five minutes. Go to the Support PFLAG page now and set up your recurring gift today.


Now is your big chance to continue succeeding in your personal resolutions while taking up these challenges. The steps are here for you to follow – make it your resolution to move equality forward in 2010 and get started today. I look forward to working with each of you throughout the New Year!


Yours in Equality,

Jody M. Huckaby
Executive Director



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