Get Out the Vote with PFLAG!

 College Students Registering to Vote: 

Which residence should I use?
College students can register to vote wherever they consider “home”, whether at their school address or permanent address.  Always check the states rules for residency (some counties are particular about this). If a student wants to register at the address they are at when they’re not at school, make them aware of the rules relating to absentee voting and give them the contact information to follow up with their state once they’ve registered.

Do I put my school P.O. Box as my address?
NO!  If you are opting to list your college address as your “home” address on the National Voter Registration Application (Box 2), please note that the address cannot be a P.O. box, not even a school mailbox address.  The address must be your actual location (not where you get your mail)!

Why can’t I put my school box address?
County clerks need to know exactly where you are residing so they can determine your precinct and your polling place.  A mailbox is not a residence. 

So how should I fill out Box 2, the address box, on the National Voter Registration form?
You should write a physical address in box 2 (I.E. apartment, dormitory, and street, etc.).  If you don’t have a physical or legal address at college, you can draw a picture where you live in the space designated at the bottom of the National Voter Registration Application.>> Return to the PFLAG Get Out the Vote 2008 start page.