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Coming out is the first step in living an honest life and creating authentic connections with family, friends, and colleagues. But after you come out, what comes next?

Below are additional resources that can help answer that question. Join PFLAG as a member and benefit from a variety of materials that can help you learn more and move equality forward.

Additional PFLAG Resources:

Organizations and Groups:
PFLAG also partners with a number of organizations and groups who can provide additional support, offer information on specific issues, give you details on important advocacy efforts, and much more.

Books and Films:
Still looking for more information? There are hundreds of books and films that address all kinds of aspects of coming out, the issues that LGBT people face, and offer insight into difficult questions.



  • MILK:  Set against the tumultuous 1970s, this 2008 American biographical film follows the story of Harvey Milk (Sean Penn) and his struggles as a gay American activist who became California's first openly gay elected official.
  • BULLY: PFLAG National partnered with the filmmakers on this important documentary look at how bullying is affecting our youth.
  • THE CELLULOID CLOSET: This 1995 documentary is an insightful examination of the history of the portrayal of LGBT characters in Hollywood films.
  • PRAYERS FOR BOBBY: Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Sigourney Weaver stars in this true story of Mary Griffith, a suburban housewife and mother who struggles to accept her young son Bobby being gay. What happens to Bobby is tragic and causes Mary to question her faith; ultimately this mom changes her views in ways that she never could have imagined...with help from PFLAG!
  • VITOThe story of Vito Russo, founding father of the gay liberation movement, author of "The Celluloid Closet," and vociferous AIDS activist in the 1980s
  • PARIAH: A Brooklyn teenager juggles conflicting identities and risks friendship, heartbreak, and family in a desperate search for sexual expression. This rare look into contemporary Black family, lesbian scene, and social attitudes is honest, jolting and triumphant. A beautifully envisioned film that earned critical raves and mainstream award nods.

The Family Acceptance Project is a great resource for information on how family acceptance can impact both positively and negatively your LGBT child’s health.  Check out their website and articles for more information.





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