Issue 24: September 2008

Vote No on Proposition 8





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On November 4, California voters will decide whether to continue important legal recognition of same-sex couples in the state, or to roll-back marriage equality.  Already, PFLAG supporters from across the country have contributed time and resources to defeat Proposition 8.  At the same time, our supporters are also dedicated to defeating similar measures in Arizona and Florida, where anti-family forces are attempting to enshrine discrimination in state constitutions.

In California, however, our families and allies are facing the first major effort to take away our rights after they have been guaranteed by the law.  Already, many couples have been legally married in California.  Proposition 8 would put those couples in legal limbo and strip away fundamental protections they already enjoy

California’s Proposition 8 is a dangerous and discriminatory step backwards that has repercussions far beyond the Golden State’s borders.

  • If passed, the measure would mean the end to same-sex marriages and could render existing unions null and void.  Those who live in California, or where were wed there and live in states where their marriages are recognized, such as New York, would no longer be married, and no longer have the rights and benefits that come along with that recognition.

  • The California amendment would take away rights that already exist, unlike other states, which have sought to deny rights before they are granted.

  • Defeating Proposition 8 also means sending a strong message to the rest of our country that marriage equality is the right thing to do, and that treating everyone equally is a fundamentally American idea that Americans still support today.

  • Our opponents are well-organized and well-financed in California, and have left no doubt that, if they win this fight, they will replicate it across the country.   But, if we defeat their attempts to divide our families, we will also significantly beat back the entire movement to treat LGBT Americans as second-class citizens.

Supporting our allies and friends in California is especially important in our work to preserve equality and stand up for our families.  And it is essential that, in California as well as Arizona and Florida, we work all the way up until election day and educate our friends, neighbors and family members about why these moves to discriminate against our families are just plain wrong.  Defeating these amendments will help the LGBT community, in the long term, in state from coast-to-coast.


Education is key in rallying voters to defeat Proposition 8 and the other anti-marriage ammendments.

  • Have conversations with everyone you know,particularly people who live and vote in the states where these amendments are on the ballot.
  • Tell them why this is so important to you and your family, and why it is fundamentally wrong to take our rights away.
  • Explain that domestic partnerships and full marriage equality are not the same thing and how it denies same-sex couples important protections to be part of a system that is separate, but unequal.
  • Talk about the LGBT people who are an important part of your local community and about how it is wrong to treat some people as “less than” under the law.

And send the new "No on Proposition 8" television commercial, featuring PFLAG parents Sam and Julia Thoron, to everyone you know.  The Thorons, selected for the first-ever broadcast ad in favor of preserving full equality for LGBT Californians, make a compelling and effective case for why defeating the anti-family forces is so important for fair-minded Americans and our families.


Then, take it to the next level: Discuss the significance of defeating Proposition 8 and the other state amendments by talking about it everywhere you can. Rotary Clubs. Chamber of Commerce meetings. Your local farmers’ market. Everywhere you can, and to everyone who will listen.
Also contact Kim Jones, at, for information on becoming a one-person phone bank, making calls from your cell phone to people in California about defeating Proposition 8.
And, most importantly, support our friends in California who are fighting this critically important battle on the ground. Visit to make a donation, vow to vote NO and learn more about what you can do in this fight.
Whether your chapter is in California, Connecticut or somewhere in-between, we can all help defeat Proposition 8 and preserve marriage equality in the Golden State.

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