Claim Your Rights

Report Bullying, Harassment, or Discrimination of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Students

Have you experienced bullying, harassment, or discrimination in school?

You are not alone. According to GLSEN, approximately 85% of high school students report being harassed in school because of their real or perceived sexual orientation and 64% of students report being harassed for being too masculine or too feminine. Even more troubling, only 18% of LGBT students report that their schools have policies which offer comprehensive protections.

Reporting is simple and confidential.

Start here:

What is Title IX, and how does it apply to this effort?

What you need to know: The basics of filing a bullying, harassment, or discrimination report with the Office for Civil Rights.

What will happen when I file a report?

Go to the and file a report now. Office of Civil Rights website

Examples of student, parent and teacher claims.

Do you know someone who has experienced bullying, harassment, or discrimination because of sexual orientation or gender identity?

Clearly, many school communities are in desperate need for a way to address bullying, harassment and discrimination of LGBT students. Without adequate statewide protections, what can we – the members of school communities across the nation - do about protecting the rights of LGBT students?

We can take action to ensure that reports are being collected to make the case for laws and policies that will address this issue.

The information that can be collected from the reports is a critical first step in getting the tools to create change. We need your help in this important educational and advocacy effort.

Need a resource for your school or youth group? Download the Claim Your Rights Fact Sheet to pass around this important information.

Need a resource for your school administration? Download the Claim Your Rights Admin Letter and the Claim Your Rights Fact Sheet and give administrators the tools they need to follow these policies.

Contact PFLAG National or GLSEN with questions:

PFLAG National
Diego Sanchez, Director of Policy
Phone: (202) 467-8180 ext. 221

GLSEN Public Policy Office
Shawn Gaylord, Director of Public Policy
Phone: (202) 621-5822