Six: Be Public

With a public symbol, students see that their safety is more than just a policy, but practiced by the school community. Safety is more than just policy but adults, especially, should “go public” with their support for diversity, and oppose bullying and harassment. Signs, stickers and other public displays will reiterate a strong commitment to every student’s safety and remind all students and adults vigilance about stopping inappropriate behavior is a daily task. 

Contact PFLAG National staff at (202) 467-8180 or to ask how to get your Safe Schools posters and stickers or print your own using the links below:

Click here to download the Safe Schools Poster (PDF Format)

Click here to download the Safe Schools Stickers (PDF Format)

Come Out as a Public Ally:


  • Make sure your library has LGBT friendly, age appropriate books and resources. 
  • Have “teachable moments” – not every language correction, bullying prevention, or calling out of stereotypes needs to be behind closed doors. 
  • Counselors, teachers, nurses, social workers – have some symbol that you're willing to talk and listen to issues of diversity. Sometimes a student needs only a simple sign that you are willing to listen to open up. Try using the PFLAG safe schools stickers!
  • Establish an anti-bullying task force that includes parents, students and staff. A task force gives the school community a way to have an impact of school safety and establishes that ending bullying and harassment is a priority. 


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