Eight: Train and Educate Everyone

It is imperative that educators are trained to respond to bullying and to teach respect in ways that support every student. Some faculty may not be familiar with LGBT topics, or may feel uncomfortable handling situations that arise. 

Every adult, however, has a responsibility to keep students safe, and there are several simple steps each person can take in accomplishing this goal. 

Begin with a school survey as an opportunity for faculty to review the school environment and gives administrators an important perspective on what is happening in their school community. 

Let’s Get Real
, a national safe schools curriculum created by Groundspark as part of the film by the same name, provides an effective, simple survey for use in schools. 

Ready, Set, Respect, is GLSEN’s elementary school toolkit designed to prepare teachers for teaching about respect, bullying, LGBT families and gender non-conformity.

After evaluating the school environment, administrators should develop and implement a training that meets the concerns raised by the survey. Remember that most harassment and bullying does not take place in classrooms, but rather in the hallway, cafeteria, playground or locker room. Adults who supervise these areas must be included in trainings in order to effectively address the reality students are encountering every day. 

There are many locally-based organizations that can provide trainings. Contact PFLAG National at (202) 467-8180 or info@pflag.org and let us help you find one.

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