2011 Straight for Equality Scholarship Winner


Jamie Frishman
Straight for Equality Scholarship
Hometown: Melbourne, FL

School: University of Central Florida

Jamie’s work as a straight ally strengthened her ability to affect positive change for her local LGBT community. Growing up with two wonderful mothers, she often experienced the ignorance of strangers who whispered and stared. From this experience, she knew that something had to be done. When she first moved to Florida, she became heavily involved in a local LGBT community group known as the Living Room of Brevard County. She became a regular at the group, attending meetings and volunteering at Pride events. Her commitment to achieving equality paved the way for her to become the founding president of her school’s Gay Straight Alliance (GSA).  In this role, she led a number of advocacy projects and activities designed to foster equality and safer environments for all students.  Jamie and the GSA won over a resistant administration and organized an event for the National Day of Silence. The group also raised hundreds of dollars to support other GSA projects. While managing these advocacy campaigns, Jamie found time to volunteer at the YMCA as a front desk attendant all while maintaining a 3.6 GPA. In the fall, Jamie plans to study public relations and theatre at the University of Central Florida. She dreams of one day working for an LGBT advocacy organization.


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