2013 PFLAG National Lobby Day



Hot off the presses! BRINGING THE MESSAGE HOME 2013, PFLAG National's lobbying guide and toolkit, is ready for download! Click here to get started!

And click here for our two-page leave behind, PFLAG's 2013 Legislative Priorities.

Whether you are a seasoned PFLAG lobbyist or a new PFLAGer with a story to tell, this promises to be a great experience.  Our Lobby Day will reaffirm that PFLAG family values are becoming the majority opinion in America. We will focus primarily on the Senate as a priority for 2013 because of The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) coming to the Senate floor for a vote this year, the safe schools bills (e.g. SSIA and SNDA) gaining momentum for a vote as an attachment to another bill, immigration reform likely coming up and moving forward, as well as Every Child Deserves A Family (ECDF), Respect for Marriage (RMA), and the newly introduced Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act (DPBO). As you can see, we have a full plate of legislative priorities for ourselves and our LGBT loved ones, and that’s why we need you!

What PFLAG National Will Do:

  • Continue to send you updates to prepare you for Lobby Day;
  • Provide two webinar trainings via PFLAG Academy Online to maximize success with your visits;
  • Prepare materials for you to keep and to leave behind with your Senators;  
  • Reach all 100 Senators’ D.C. schedulers directly by September 23rd to let them know they’ll hear from their constituent PFLAG members from across the country to schedule an appointment on October 24th as part of the PFLAG National Convention’s Lobby Day;
  • Share the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of Senators’ schedulers with Regional Directors and Field Managers to share with you;
  • Assist you in any way you wish to facilitate each state’s Senators getting to meet with you, their PFLAGer constituents;
  • Help PFLAGers from states that have numerous Lobby Day participants to bundle all meetings into one or two; and
  • Give you model thank-you letters to send after you complete your Lobby Day visits 

To maximize our united success, this page has step-by-step instructions on how to begin scheduling your lobbying appointments.  Feel free to print out this page and use it as a reference guide, as it includes information on the following items:

  • Scheduling: Instructions on how to schedule lobby visits with your two Senators as a first priority, and with your Representative as a secondary choice.
  • Learning or brushing up: Getting yourself registered for one of two webinars on Lobby Day
  • Getting together: We will convene on Capitol Hill for a briefing rally and light refreshments on the morning of October 24, 2013 before beginning your Lobby Day visits to your pre-arranged legislative offices.  We’ll send you the specific finalized times, locations, and directions in advance.


Step One: Schedule Your Lobby Visits

Please schedule appointments with each of your two Senators as a first priority, and your House Representative as the next choice, if you wish.  

  1. Visit www.capwiz.com/pflag, click the ‘Elected Officials’ tab and enter your Zip+4 code.

  2. Click on each Congressperson’s page and find contact information for her/his Washington, D.C. office.

  3. Call the congressperson’s office, ask for the Scheduler  and explain to the Scheduler that you would like to meet with the legislator in her/his Washington, D.C. office on October 24, 2013  to talk about family values for equality issues including, ENDA, safer schools, family unity in adoption and immigration and increasing healthcare access while reducing disparities.  Be sure to say that you  are a constituent.  That tells them that you live in the legislator’s district (for Representatives, or that you live in their state, for Senators)  so that you will receive priority consideration on the their appointment calendar.

  4. You might be asked to submit an official written request for your meeting either by fax or email, and we are glad to provide you with a sample meeting request form.

  5. Keep in mind that you might not receive a meeting with your legislator, but might instead be scheduled to speak with a staff member.  Staff members are crucial advisors to legislators and meeting with them is very valuable.

  6. After you schedule your meetings--or if you’ve reached a roadblock in getting scheduled--click here to complete the form and let us know so we can either keep track of your meeting, or help you get past the roadblock and get it scheduled.



Step Two: Brush up on PFLAG Legislative Priorities


For this year’s Lobby Day we will be advocating for our family values.  We will ask our Senators as a first priority, and Representatives secondarily,  to vote for--and to cosponsor if they have not (while thanking them if they have)--bills that will help legislators know that PFLAGers’ family values for equality entail fully inclusive workplace non-discrimination (Employment Non-Discrimination Act, ENDA), safe schools without bullying and that maximize students’ opportunities to learn in a supportive environment (Safe Schools Improvement Act, SSIA and Student Non-Discrimination Act, SNDA), family cohesion and unity (Every Child Deserves a Family, ECDF), Respect for Marriage Act (RMA) and Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act (DPBO), reducing healthcare disparities especially for LGBT people and their families, and  enacting common-sense immigration reform.


PFLAG National will help you become familiar with these issues so that you can add the most valuable personal perspective on their importance to your families.  



Step Three: Know the Lobby Day Schedule


Thursday, October 24, 2013



Be ready to travel to Capitol Hill


Briefing, Rally, Refreshments, LGBT Equality Caucus/
Legislator Drop-ins


Lobbying Appointments


Group Photo on Capitol Hill Steps (Senate side)


Lobbying Appointments Continue



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