Support for Transgender People and Their Families

For decades, PFLAG has been proud to be a resource for parents, families, and friends of people who are transgender and gender expansive.  The resources on this page will help advise you on how to better support a loved one as they move along their journey, and to help further your own understanding of your loved one’s gender identity or expression.

Knowledge is power. Listen to your loved one and educate yourself. The more you know about various transgender and gender-expansive narratives and experiences, the more you will be able to provide the kind of love and support necessary to help your loved ones grow and lead a full and healthy life.

PFLAG Resources

  • A pre-release of our upcoming new publication, Our Trans Loved Ones: Questions and Answers for Parents, Families, and Friends of People Who Are Transgender And Gender Expansive. This advance release of our upcoming new publication includes a wealth of information, first-person stories, expert input, and more! Download a free pre-release copy...and then check back here at the end of May for the final version, ready just in time for Pride! Click the image below for your free pre-release copy!

  • Straight for EqualityTM Transgender Resources, and the new guide to being a trans ally!
    Fantastic resources from PFLAG National's Straight for EqualityTM Project, including a link to download your own copy of our new publication, guide to being a trans ally!
  • Find a PFLAG Chapter
    There are more than 350 PFLAG chapters across the U.S. Find one near you right now.

Partner Organizations Resources

  • National Center for Transgender Equality
    Knowing and using correct language can be very important to transgender and gender non-conforming people, just like everyone else. Here is a handy terminology guide regarding gender identity.
  • Human Rights Campaign
    This FAQ includes a general but broad range of topics, ranging from definitions to workplace protections to pronoun use.
    Reporters and editors alike access resources to learn or verify proper guidelines when reporting about gender identity topics or transgender people. This resource is a community go-to document.
  • American Psychological Association
    This downloadable pamphlet from the APA answers questions about transgender people, gender identity and gender expression.
  • Matt Kailey, author of My Child is Transgender: 10 Tips for Parents of Adult Trans Children
    This gentle and easy-to-use FAQ gives people an accessible set of guidelines that can be used in everyday life.
  • Gender Odyssey
    An international conference focused on the needs and interests of transgender and gender-nonconforming people. 
  • Gender Spectrum
    Gender Spectrum provides education, training and support to help create a gendersensitive and inclusive environment for children of all ages.

 For Youth:  Learn More and Connect

  • Trans Youth Resources 
    This website was created to link trans youth and the people in their lives with current resources.
  • Trans Youth Support Network 
    The Trans Youth Support Network is a partnership of youth and community members working together to support trans youth in Minnesota, but offering great resources for youth everywhere.

  • Mermaids 
    A UK-based support group offering support and resources for gender-variant children, teens, and their families.
  • Beyond the Binary: A Tool Kit for Gender Identity Activism in Schools 
    The Beyond the Binary tool kit (created by the Transgender Law Center) was designed for student leaders, activists, and gender non-conformers who want to challenge the gender binary system in schools by ensuring gender-inclusive policies exist in schools and by raising awareness about gender through education of students and staff about gender non-conformity and transgender issues.
  • Bending the Mold: An Action Kit for Transgender Students 
    Whether you’re transgender or gender non-conforming, questioning, or an ally, this kit – developed by Lambda Legal and NYAC – is designed to help you make your school a safer place. They include ideas and information to help you advocate for change. There’s also an extensive list of resources to help you connect with the transgender community and find support.
  • Camp Aranu'tiq 
    The Camp Aranu'tiq mission is to provide transgender and gender-variant youth with a safe, fun, and unique camp experience during which they are able to express gender however they are comfortable and connect with others in similar situations.It is a federally recognized, tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. It is 100% volunteer-run. It was born out of the idea that transgender and gender-variant youth needed a safe place to relate to others like them, away from home, in a beautiful rural setting where they can concentrate on what every camper loves: having fun.

  For Parents, Educators, And Service Providers:

  • Gender Spectrum 

    Raising children who don’t fit neatly into male or female boxes brings a wealth of questions and uncertainties. Here you will find information and support to assist you in your search for answers.

  • TransActive 
    TransActive works to provide the necessary support to improve the quality of life of transgender and gender non-conforming children, youth and their families through education, services, advocacy and research.
  • Trans Youth Equality Foundation 
    The Trans Youth Equality Foundation is based in Maine, but offers education, advocacy and support for transgender and gender non-conforming children and youth and their families everywhere by sharing information about the unique needs of this community and partnering with families, educators and service providers to help foster a healthy, caring, and safe environment for all transgender children.
  • Families in TRANSition: A Resource Guide for Parents of Trans Youth 
    Families in TRANSition: A Resource Guide for Parents of Trans Youth is the first comprehensive Canadian publication (created by Central Toronto Youth Services) to address the needs of parents and families supporting their trans children.  It summarizes the experiences, strategies, and successes of a working group of community consultants – researchers, counselors, parents, advocates as well as trans youth themselves.
  • Working with Transgender Youth (Lambda Legal & Child Welfare League of America) 
    Like all young people in care, transgender youth are entitled to bias-free attention to their unique needs and to be safe in their placements and services. This guide, created by Lambda Legal and the Child Welfare League of America, provides child welfare professionals who work with transgender young people with education about transgender issues and tools to help prepare them to work sensitively with these clients.

  • Trans Youth Family Allies (TYFA) 
    TYFA works to empower children and familiesby partnering with educators, service providers and communities, to develop supportive environments in which gender may be expressed and respected. They envision a society free of suicide and violence in which all children are respected and celebrated.

What Are People Saying? Media About Trans Youth

  • Hennepin County Library Book Lists 
    Hennepin County’s self-identified “trans library geek” offers recommendations of some books that trans youth may find interesting, comforting, and affirming. Many of these books can be found in libraries and available for purchase online.

  • TYFA Media Collection
    Find out about the work TYFA and advocates of trans youth are doing through media reports.