PFLAG Diversity Network


The pervasive discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals is what makes the support provided by PFLAG chapters necessary. Just as PFLAG challenges "heterosexual privilege" — the obvious and not-so-obvious advantages that come with being straight (such as access to marriage, or not worrying about how your sexual orientation will affect your employment status) we also acknowledge the interconnectedness of other forms of discrimination and challenge racism and other “-isms” as well.

In order to truly realize our mission, we must work to create an inclusive organization and build coalitions with people of color in our local communities and on the national level. To accomplish this mission more completely, PFLAG started the Families of Color Network (FOCN) in 1999. FOCN strives to make PFLAG chapters aware of cultural differences and issues regarding LGBT issues.

Learn more about FOCN's Vision and Mission Statement.

In 2007, the PFLAG Diversity Network evolved to include the FOCN and several other committees.  The PFLAG Diversity Network has committees devoted to ethnic and racial diversity, diversity of ability, international and language diversity, age diversity, socioeconomic diversity, and education diversity.  Our goal is to make PFLAG welcoming and accessible to every person interested in being involved.

PFLAG's FOCN Resources: